Splendors of Dawn Announces Competition Theme

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The Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation has revealed the theme for the upcoming August-October edition of their Poetry and Short-Short Story Competition. The theme is “Breaking Chains, Building Trust: Nigeria’s Accountability Revolution.”

This theme aims to explore the factors that drive change in Nigeria’s battle against corruption. The foundation welcomes submissions from poets, writers, artists, and thinkers all over the country, with a focus on uncovering the layers of corruption and highlighting its impact on society. The competition aims to promote the significance of accountability and transparency as essential pillars for a better future.


Below are the rules:

The competition is in 2 stages

Below are the rules for stage 1:
1. Write a poem of not more than 10 lines or a short-short story of not more than 100 words on the given theme.
2. Like our Facebook page @Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation, and follow us on Instagram www.instagram.com/SplendorsofDawn
3. Post on our Facebook page or send your entry as a direct message, and you can also tag us on your Instagram page.
4. Do not plagiarize
5. Use the hashtags
#Vote4Accountability at the end of your poem.
6. Only one entry per entrant.

Only those who qualified for the second stage will be contacted to produce a video.

The winner goes home with N30,000.00
Good luck!!!

The theme is not just a combination of words; it is a call to action, a rallying cry against the pervasive grip of corruption that had shadowed the nation for too long.

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