Our Projects


Splendors of Dawn Poetry foundation will work with young people and adults in schools, colleges, Universities and the community across Ghana and ultimately Africa so as to deepen their understanding on poetry and to deliver a range of educational materials through workshops based on these projects:

  2. Write To Learn

Under the Write to Learn Project, Splendor of Dawn undertakes poetry lessons in schools through Poetry Clubs. The clubs operate autonomously in their various schools but with a unique system/mode of operation prescribed by the Foundation. Poetry lessons and workshops are the main activities of the clubs. A grand annual Write to Learn Contest is organized, which is tailored to underscore the ultimate objective of the foundation that seeks to advance good poetry writing.     

Poetry Lessons in schools supported by workshops and resource packs class consists of three teams across three different age groups from Primary 4. We offer opportunities for boys and girls to learn life skills through the medium of Poetry; we teach them the benefits of, among other things, team work, social responsibility, leadership and love for humanity. The poetry writing competition is for AGE: 11-14 in Junior High Schools (JHS) & AGE 15-19 in Senior High Schools (SHS).

We provide in-depth writing instruction in a variety of areas that schools often don’t include in their curriculum. Creative and expository writing skills are essential for students to be able to express themselves as well as advance in school and the workforce. The student’s work will be published in an anthology.


  1. Speak To My Mind

Annual National Recitation contest for schools & Bi-Monthly Visiting Poets: Poetry Readings. Through this project, we encourage students to craft poems that would enable them to explore and to harness the power of their own voice and sharpen their memory.



  • Read Africa Project

Book clubs in the Universities & (Poetry Readings.) Promoting reading books written by African writers. With this project we stress the importance of reading and of a well rounded education, with emphasis on theoretical and practical education.

  1. We grow on books

 (Read two books a week project) A project intended to redevelop a reading and writing culture in Africa. This project runs concomitantly with the Write to Learn and Read Africa Projects. This project also intends to throw a challenge to its associates to develop a culture of writing.     

  2. Save The Human, Life Is With People

This is a project of inspiration and social change, to create a society not just having the look of a human but being human. For healthcare, prisons, homes for disabled, orphans, elderly, etc, Community, democracy support projects.

This project undertakes a special quadrennial Step for Change initiative that reach out to its communities every election year on themes of, peace and reconciliation process in our society, especially in politics and chieftaincy issues. This is achieved through a quadrennial;

  1. Poetry performance for communities and political campaign teams members
  2. Talk shops/Operas for contesting Parliamentary candidates.

Also, poetry readings with themes on humanity and life, poems for peace, exploring topical social and human rights issues, providing strength and succor to many through poetry and creating empowerment.

Also, For Poetry performance at public functions raising poetry to the highest level of power and expressiveness. To bring unparalleled grace and eloquence to the treatment of modern and traditional African themes. A flow and grandeur that lift poetry far!

Tailoring these to suit the needs of each group, splendor of Dawn publish four major publications, including two anthologies on poetry and two other magazines/Newsletter about the foundation.

  1. Splendors of Dawn P.F.- Anthology Of Modern Poetry :

A collection of contemporary poetry across Africa. (To print the best African verse which are being written today!)

  • Splendors of Dawn P.F– African History through Poems titled TalkStory (Anthology):

A collection of history, tradition and culture inspired poems telling the African story by the Africans. Serve as both entertainment and education. A chance for Africa to be heard in her own place by the world.

  1. a) A LIBRARY OF POEMS: (Books, The Sound of Poetry featuring Poetry on Plaque, CDS, T-shirts, Mugs, Greeting cards e.t.c, Gift items.)
  2. b) TODAY’S POET: Celebrating Contemporary Poets. (Profile, Interviews, Lectures, Readings, Book launch, featuring poets in community projects & inspirational talk shows,
  3. c) THE POET READS FROM THE HEART: Short poetry films featuring poets reading their own work in an environment close to nature e.tc) On  Televisions, Radios, Print Media.
  4. Splendors of Dawn P.F. Poetry Magazine. (For Africa)

A poetry magazine devoted to verse in Africa. (A National journal, A Literary journal)

  1. Splendors of Dawn P.F. Newsletter Titled: POET NEST.  

A bi-weekly updates of poetry and feature stories. News on the latest in poetry and poets also features children’s poetry.

  1. Splendors of Dawn P. F Tours:

Readings and poetry performance and Tours to international poetry events and festivals. To promote cultural understanding and peaceful co-existence between different races of the world.