Celebrating Creativity: Azeez Odunjo and Pacella Chukwuma-Eke


In a resplendent celebration of literary artistry, the recently concluded Splendors of Dawn Poetry and Short-Short Story Competition unveiled its triumphant champions. Amongst the sea of brilliant entries, three exceptional pieces rose to the summit, capturing hearts and minds with their profound narratives and eloquent verses. As the adage goes, “Everyone is a winner, but there will always be one winner,” and indeed, the competition bore witness to the emergence of outstanding talents.

Azeez Odunjo – A Second Place Triumph

Taking an illustrious second place, Azeez Odunjo’s literary prowess shone brightly. His entry titled: The Transparency We Didn’t See Coming” resonated with the competition’s theme, weaving a tapestry of emotions through carefully chosen words. Azeez’s ability to delve into the human experience and evoke poignant feelings within a limited space is a testament to his mastery of poetry format. His achievement is a testament to the countless hours he has dedicated to honing his craft. The judge was captivated by his storytelling finesse, making his work an undeniable standout in the second stage of the competition.

 Pacella Chukwuma-Eke – The Third Place Marvel

In a display of literary finesse, Pacella Chukwuma-Eke with the poem “Poetry For A Country To Become Ice” clinched the third position with an entrancing piece that left an indelible mark. Her poetic flair transported readers to realms unknown, painting vivid imagery with her words. The competition’s theme intertwined seamlessly with her verses, showcasing her ability to convey profound concepts through succinct poetry. Pacella’s achievement is a recognition of her dedication to perfecting her craft, resulting in a composition that resonated deeply with the judges and secured her a well-deserved place in the winners’ circle.

Honorary Mentions: Recognizing Excellence in the Second Stage

Amidst the dazzling array of submissions, Azeez Odunjo and Pacella Chukwuma-Eke emerged as shining stars during the intense evaluation of the second stage. Their works held an undeniable allure, demonstrating an unparalleled understanding of the competition’s theme. These honorary mentions underscore their unique voices and creativity, setting a benchmark for aspiring writers and poets to aspire to.

The Splendors of Dawn Poetry and Short-Short Story Competition stands as a tribute to the power of words and the limitless depths of imagination. The winners and honorary mentions have proven that storytelling and poetic expression continue to thrive, inspiring us all to explore the nuances of human experience through the written word.

Congratulations to Azeez Odunjo, Pacella Chukwuma-Eke, and all participants who contributed to the resounding success of this competition. As we applaud these literary virtuosos, we also celebrate the countless voices that enriched this journey of literary exploration. Until the next chapter unfolds, let us bask in the splendor of creativity that knows no bounds.

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