SPLENDORS OD DAWN Poetry and Short-Short Story Competition: Whispers of Justice: Verses Against Corruption


The Splendors of Dawn Poetry and Short-Short Story Competition, where words become a powerful force for change announces its new theme, “Whispers of Justice: Verses Against Corruption.” The competition calls upon poets and writers to raise their voices against the pervasive scourge of corruption through evocative and compelling verses.

Corruption is a cancer that erodes the fabric of society, sowing seeds of inequality, injustice, and despair. “Whispers of Justice” invites poets to explore the myriad ways corruption impacts individuals, communities, and nations. From the embezzlement of public funds to the exploitation of the vulnerable, from the betrayal of trust to the erosion of democracy, corruption manifests in various forms, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.


Guidelines for Submissions:

Poets and writers are encouraged to delve into the depths of human experience and emotion to craft poems that speak truth to power. Whether drawing inspiration from real-life stories, historical events, or personal reflections, poets have the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the injustices wrought by corruption and the urgent need for accountability and reform.

Themes to Explore:

– The insidious nature of corruption and its far-reaching consequences
– The struggles of those affected by corruption, including marginalized communities, whistleblowers, and activists
– The role of corruption in perpetuating poverty, inequality, and human rights abuses
– The power of collective action and solidarity in the fight against corruption
– The importance of transparency, accountability, and ethical leadership in fostering a culture of integrity

Submission Guidelines:

The competition is in 2 stages

Below are the rules for stage 1:
1. Write a poem of not more than 10 lines or a short-short story of not more than 100 words on the given theme.
2. Like our Facebook page Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation, and follow us on Instagram @SplendorsofDawn
3. Post on our page wall on Facebook or send your entry as a direct message, and on your Instagram platform and tag us.
4. Do not plagiarize
5. Use the hashtags
#Vote4Accountability at the end of your poem.
6. Only one entry per entrant.
Only those who qualified for the second stage will be contacted to produce a video.
The winner goes home with N30,000.00
7. Poems must be original and previously unpublished.
8. Poems may be written in any style or form, including free verse, sonnets, haiku, and spoken word.

Through “Whispers of Justice,” we invite poets and writers from around the world to lend their voices to the fight against corruption. Together, let us amplify the voices of the oppressed, challenge the status quo, and advocate for a more just and equitable society.

For more information and updates, visit our website www.splendorsofdawn.ng, or follow us on Facebook https://web.facebook.com/SplendorsOfDawn/. Join us as we harness the power of poetry and storytelling to ignite change and inspire hope in the face of corruption’s darkness.

Together, let us dare to dream of a world where justice reigns supreme, and the whispers of truth drown out the echoes of corruption.

Submit your poem today.

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