About Us


Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation, is a registered non-profit Non-Governmental Organization, (Reg. No. G-37,241) founded to celebrate Poetry for the new African Future.

The foundation is established on a principle of partnership and the mission of “bringing people together through art” by promoting African cultural values and tradition with the vision of excellence through poetry as the highest, most complete expression of truth and beauty.   

  • To use poetry to accelerate positive social change.
  • Strengthen the presence and profile of African Poetry within Africa and overseas.
  • Use the power of poetry to bring together artists around the world, to advance human rights and respect for the fundamental human rights of all persons, to promote democracy and excellence in leadership and work place, to promote cross-cultural understanding, and love for humanity and world peace.
  • Use Poets and Poetry in educational, healthcare, community, democracy support projects.
  • Promote Poetry reading and writing associated with African Poetry in all its forms.
  • Advance the writing of Poetry and the better understanding and appreciation of Poetry in schools and universities by championing and developing artistic experiences that enrich people’s lives.
  • Establish networks and links between writers, readers, publishers and Poetry related organizations in Africa and overseas; to build network of mutual help and thus promote communication among poets.
  • Committed to a vigorous presence for Poetry in Africa by making poetry more accessible.
  • To encourage and develop opportunities for poets and contemporary poetry in Africa.
  • To act as the central contact for anything to do with Poetry in Africa and the preservation of poetry in Africa.
  • Develop and provide products and services such as :
  • A national journal of high quality poetry, articles and reviews, African History through poems, Anthology of African Poetry, African Poetry magazine e.t.c
  • A comprehensive library of African Poetry.
  • Facilitating specifically geared spoken-word workshop sessions and seminars.
  • Organize poetry competition activities to foster deep cultural interaction and education.
  • Educational and promotional materials.
  • Africa’s first interactive performance forum projecting cutting-edge spoken-word, and a broad spectrum of classical and contemporary poetry, new media, and live beats from an African perspective worldwide.
  • Support for reading tours, international events, and festivals for African Poets.




  1. The Map of Africa:

The Foundation is for Africa, and is to spread over Africa in splendor being a

 Part of an African cultural and intellectual renaissance.

To promote traditional and contemporary African poetry.

To celebrate poets in Africa.

  1. The Sun:

The sunrays contain all the colors of a rainbow. The powerful, invigorating positive energy is symbolic, Splendors of Dawn poetry foundation being a team of passionate poets for positive change.

  1. Color Green:

The healing colour and splendor of nature. The bliss of growth!

Significance of Logo    

Splendors of Dawn, is a whisper from eternity, the sacred energy of divine light and true beauty. It represents NEW LIGHT, the power of Light and hope. This Logo reminds us that we are LIGHT BEING and can reflect the light in powerful ways if we choose to do so. So, make the Light in you sparkle. Let the bright rays of Light shoot out from within to illuminate Africa, to heal Africa. To illuminate the World, to heal the World!

Welcome the sun! Welcome Sunrise’s grandeur!

The motto of the foundation is, “Poets for positive change”


Ayo Ayoola-Amale:

The Founder & Director Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation. (A registered NGO) & Social Entrepreneur.

Lawyer, Business & Commercial Law Consultant and University lecturer & Author, with over twelve years of Law practice. She regularly presents papers at academic conferences.

A former board member of Pearl Allied (group of) Company.

The CEO of the HERITAGE SERIES, Every Child’s fables, Nursery Rhymes and Poems, ON THE PATHWAY books.  

 Some of her poems have appeared in International anthologies & at Poetry Performances and Recitations both at National & International events. She has collection of poems for adults & for children. And has written some plays. She has attended so many National and International writer’s workshop, conferences and seminars.

She formed the READ AFRICA PROJECT a book club for Universities and she teaches Literature, Writing & Poetry in primary and secondary schools as a Volunteer.

She is a volunteer legal Advisor of the Ghana Federation of the disabled & has poetry recitations for the physically challenged performed at their events.

She is the Legal Advisor of Ghana Association of Writers. The chairperson of the publications committee and the Constitution review committee.

A member of Mbassem Foundation, the Ghana Women Writers Forum and a member of International Pen.

Kwasi Gyan- Apenteng:

A Director, Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation, Journalist of repute Communication Consultant, Columnist and Human Rights Activist. He is the program coordinator of W.E.B Dubois centre. A former editor of the New African magazine. A Poet, Writer and Author. He is the President of the Ghana Association of Writers.

Princess Anike Adekeye Philips:

 Secretary/Director, Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation. CEO of Asebato Group of Companies, Director Moonlight Protective Agency Ltd, Writer.


  • Prof Ama Atta Aidoo: A University don, Poet, Writer, Author and Founder of Mbassem Foundation.
  • Prof Omolara Ogundipe: Prof of English and Comparative Literature, Author, Poet and Writer.
  • Ms Anna Bossman: Rtd. Acting commissioner CHRAJ, Lawyer, Poet and Writer
  • Dan Quaye, Writer, World Bank Consultant and Coordinator UGBS. He is the Business Advisor and Consultant of the foundation.
  • Agambila, Writer, Lecturer, ex. Finance Minister (Ghana). He is the Treasurer of the foundation.


The foundation is supported by the energy and enthusiasm of passionate and devoted teams, volunteers and group of supporters consisting of:

  • Consulting volunteers
  • Volunteer committee
  • Volunteers
  • Program manager
  • Public relation manager
  • Administrative secretary
  • Volunteer Coordinator