Wordsmith Soonest Nathaniel Chosen for Prestigious Iowa Writing Residency



Meet Soonest Nathaniel, a talented individual with a passion for poetry, journalism, and spoken word artistry. He has achieved a remarkable milestone by being chosen to participate in the prestigious International Writing Program (IWP) Fall Residency at the esteemed University of Iowa in the United States.

Among the exclusive cohort of authors invited to this program are illustrious names such as Orhan Pamuk from Turkey and Mo Yan from China, both Nobel Prize in Literature laureates. This residency has been the starting point for many renowned writers who have gained global recognition.

Soonest Nathaniel is widely recognized for his compelling and evocative verses, and he has already authored two remarkable poetry collections titled “Teaching Father How to Impregnate Women” and “Burying the Ghosts of Dead Narratives.”

Whether through his poetry, journalism, or spoken word performances, Nathaniel’s writings captivate readers with their lyrical beauty and profound insights into historical and contemporary issues.

With an affinity for a genre he playfully terms “speculative realism,” Nathaniel earned the RL Poetry Award in 2017 and received the distinguished title of Langston Hughes Fellow at the Palm Beach Festival. His contributions have extended even further as he served as Poet Laureate for the Korea Nigeria Poetry Festival.

His poems have garnered significant recognition, being featured in literary magazines from Nigeria, the U.S., and Britain, solidifying his presence as an influential voice on social platforms addressing important societal concerns.


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