Splendors of Dawn’s Country Director Receives Acclaimed Leadership and Media Icon Award


We are delighted to share a momentous occasion that exemplifies the power of embracing cultural heritage and achievement. The esteemed Mr. Odoh Diego Okenyodo, our very own Country Director of Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation, has been honored with the prestigious Award of Leadership Excellence and Media Icon. This recognition is a testament to his exceptional contributions and dedication to his profession.

In an inspiring address, Mr. Okenyodo, who also serves as the Managing Director and CEO of Akweyatv, emphasized the vital role of cultural heritage in a nation’s success. He highlighted that thriving societies are those that fully embrace their unique cultures, fostering unity and progress.

The Award Ceremony was a spectacular event hosted by BollyJoe Media Communications, an evening that will forever be etched in history. The ceremony took place on Tuesday, August 15th, 2023, at the grand Akweyatv Office located in Gwarinpa, Abuja.

Uzuakpundu commended Mr. Okenyodo as a trailblazer who continuously breaks conventional boundaries, contributing significantly to society and serving as a beacon of inspiration in his field. Mr. Okenyodo’s remarkable achievements were recognized as he was presented with the coveted Award of Leadership Excellence and Media Icon by none other than Comrade Joseph Uzuakpundu, the Chairman and CEO of BollyJoe Media Communications. 

This momentous recognition was celebrated not only by Mr. Okenyodo but also by his dedicated team at Akweyatv. Idajor Maurice Ajah, the Programme Manager of Akweyatv, and Folu Oluwole, the Acting Head of Admin and Finance, expressed their heartfelt gratitude to BOJ TV for acknowledging their esteemed leader. They regarded this recognition as a validation of their collective efforts and a testament to the exceptional leadership they are privileged to be guided by

Beyond the celebration of Mr. Okenyodo’s achievements, this event serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of preserving and celebrating cultural roots. His leadership and dedication continue to inspire, leaving an indelible mark on the media industry and society as a whole.

We, the Splendors of Dawn community, extend our warmest congratulations to Mr. Odoh Diego Okenyodo on this remarkable achievement. As you continue on your journey of artistic expression and cultural appreciation, your success remains a source of motivation for us all.

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