HCAF award to three Nigerian contemporary art administrators


HCAF gives a golden award to three distinguished Nigerian contemporary art administrators as a token of appreciation in the outgoing year. This is in recognition of their doggedness in creating platforms for young Nigerian artists, especially the writers that have amounted to millions today.

Part of the platforms is; instituting prizes that attract young writers and artists, curating literary journals, organizing literary festivals, helping to publish young writers, and other notable art supports to young writers in Nigeria.

The awardees receive N100,000 each at the finals of HIASFEST. The 2024 recipients would receive theirs on 17th January 2024 at Justice Idris Legbo Kutigi International Conference Centre, Minna.

The cash prize given to the art administrators is sponsored by Gen. Abba Dikko. The total amount is N500,000 ( 300k as an award and 200k for HCAF) as administrators of the prize.

The winners shall be announced soon.

Baba M. Dzukogi

Founder, HCAF


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